75 New Product Development Professional Certification

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2. 134 New Product Development Professional Workshop Special Program IDR 15.000.000 75 NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP E The workshop will be of benefit to all people involved in the pr actice of product development, whether they come from a technical, marketing, design or financial background. Some level of experience will be an advantage but is not absolutely essential. It is important to recognize that if participants a re seeking NPDP certification they must be able to provide evide nce of a required level of qualification and practical experience. Who Should Attend Run over 3 days, the workshop will be a combination of teaching modules, discussion sessions and “mock testing” for the NPDP examination. There will be ample time for exchange of views with the presenter and fellow participants. Workshop Format Participants should have a good understanding of a broad range of topics related to NPD, which will help them in improving NPD processes and practices in their own companies. Additionally, participants will be prepared to sit the NPDP examination. This will be dependent on the level of participant experience and knowledge and may require additional reading and preparation. At the End of the Workshop Tools and metrics On-going financial support for NPD will depend very much on past success. It is critically important to measure NPD performance as a means of justifying future investment. Additionally tools and metrics are vital in striving for continuous improvement. Market research Understanding stakeholder needs and utilizing stakeholder input at all stages of the NPD process significantly increases the likelihood of success. What market research tools can be used and how can these be used at various stages of the NPD process. Teams, people and organizations People are at the very heart of NPD success. Fostering a culture and environment of innovation is essential. What organization and team structures can be used? What management practices promote this innovation culture?

1. 133 New Product Development Professional Workshop Special Program 75 E NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP Our definition of NPD covers all activities from identifying an idea or opportunity right through to the successfu l launch of a new product. NPD is both challenging and complex. The success rate for new product launches is often very low and lots of time and money is spent on products that never make a return on that investment. Over the years there has been a great deal of research done on how to improve this success rate. This research has pointed to the following success factors (from the PDMA Handbook of New Product Development, Kahn, 2005). What is New Product Development (NPD)? This workshop provides a wide-ranging overview of most aspects of NPD processes and practices. It is designed as preparation for New Product Development Professional certificati on – an international qualification registered with the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA). Specific areas of NPD to be addressed are: Strategy A clear direction for NPD and ensuring that this is consistent with the overall business strategy provides the foundation for NPD success. What is an NPD strategy? The relevance of this strategy to the overall vision and direction of a company. Portfolio management Most companies will be developing more than one product at a time. How do you decide on which products? What is the priority for development? What tools that can be used to manage the NPD portfolio. Processes It has been well proven that a well-structured and consistent NPD process increases the likelihood of NPD success. What are the basic requirements for an NPD process? Application of various processes including Stage-Gate. About the Workshop The Project Unique Superior Products Strong market orientation Pre-development homework Sharp, early and stable product definition Planning and resourcing the launch Quality of execution of key activities from idea to launch Speed – but not at the expense of quality of execution . . . . . . . People and environment The way project teams are organized The right environment – climate and culture Top management support Strategic A product innovation and technology strategy Leveraging core competencies Targeting attractive markets Portfolio management The necessary resources . . . . . . . .


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