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2. History of PPM Manajemen

6. PPM Manajemen Integrated Services

15. • Business and management information sources. • It has over 17,000 titles of books, audio - visual and online journals with management topics. PPM KNOWLEDGE CENTER

4. To be the leader and respected management institution in Southeast Asia VISION Taking part in community development efforts towards achieving a just and prosperous Indonesia through the development and practice of management based on science and socio - cultural values imbued by Pancasila MISSION

14. PPM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT • Accredited “A” National • International Accrediation ABEST - 21 • Having Research Center and Case Clearing House (RC - CCH) that conducts various research competitions

17. Jl. Menteng Raya 9 – 19 Jakarta 10340 Telp . 021 2300313 Fax. 021 2302051 Email: customer@ppm - manajemen.ac.id www.ppm - manajemen.ac.id Thank You

3. PPM Foundation Since 3 July 1967 The Initiators Prof . Dr. AM Kadarman , SJ The Founder ( left - right ) I.J Kasimo Dr. A.M. Tambunan Prof. Dr. Bahder Djohan Background: • In 1966, Indonesia lacked professional managers who were able to manage the company . • The idea to establish a business school in Indonesia such as Harvard Business School

9. • Virtual training programs • Participants can discuss with an expert of management and the other program participants • E - Learning programs can be combined with learning in the classroom E - LEARNING

7. Executive Development Services • Executive Development Program • E - Learning • Publication and Seminar Organization Development Services • HR Assessment • In - House Learning • Research and Consulting PPM School of Management • Bachelor of Business Management • Bachelor of Business Accounting • Master of Management

10. PUBLICATION & SEMINAR • Organizing seminars and conferences in field of management by presenting experts in management as a resource • Publishes management books • Publishes “ Majalah Manajemen ” that presents up - to - date and practical management issues with popular languages

5. • Organizations that grow organically • Like a tree that always publishes new leaves, grows new branches, and raises new branches • Created new capacity, and grow into different organizations • Developing organizations must be able to grow new leaves, new business, new management systems, new services, and new resources . The Path of Leaves Philosophy

8. • PPM Manajemen offers a training programs that include : decision science, strategic management, human resources management, general management, marketing management, operation management, financial management, special program, managing others, dan personal effectiveness . • Over 6000 participants per year, with 365 frequencies per yearProgram Sertifikasi Nasional • Procurement of Government Goods and Services Program Executive Development Program

12. • In - House Learning is designed customize • With action learning method • The design of the program is conducted comprehensively, both before, during and after the program is held . The implementation of the program consists of outdoor activity, in - class program and implementation guidance in the work unit of the program participants . IN - HOUSE LEARNING

11. • HR Assessment Products : Recruitment and Selection, Competency Assessment, Management Expertise Assessment, Counseling . • Recruitment and Selection by helping more than 100 organizations, such as government, state - owned, private companies and organizations to fill the needs of employees at both managerial and professional levels . • Becomes one of the institutions appointed by the Ministry of SOEs to conduct assessment on candidates for BUMN Directors HR ASSESSMENT

13. RESEARCH & CONSULTING • Having two types of research : Customized Research and Industrial Research • PPM Manajemen research products include : Market Potential Research, Consumer Behavior Research, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Employee Engagement Survey, Management Audit, HR Audit, Cultural Audit, Marketing Audit, Risk Maturity Level Audit • Consultancy services offered include : Organizational Transformation, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Organizational Structuring, Strategy and Human Resource Systems Development, Strategy and Marketing System Development, Organizational Strategy and Organization, Financial Strategy and Systems Development, Business Process Reengineering, Work Load Analysis , and Risk Management .


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