Peluang Bisnis Multifinance

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 564 views Acara Ppm Bisnis Kelautan Multifinansial Peluang Bisnis Ppm Manajemen

Talk to The Expert: Towards Dynamic Zone

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 332 views Acara PPM PPM Manajemen Seminar

The 8th PPM Business Case Competition

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 582 views Acara PPM Bisnis Kasus Kompetisi PPM Manajemen

Industry Gathering PDMA Indonesia

PPM Manajemen3
May 2017 — 383 views Acara PPM Pdmai PDMA Indonesia Ppm Manajemen


PPM Manajemen3
February 2017 — 469 views 2016 Acara PPM HC Forum PPM Manajemen

PPM Case Writing Workshop (27-28 April 2016)

PPM Manajemen3
February 2017 — 340 views Acara PPM Penulisan PPM Manajemen Seminar

Soft Power: Pendekatan Alternatif Hubungan Industrial

PPM Manajemen3
February 2017 — 478 views Acara PPM Hubungan Industrial Pendekatan Alternatif PPM Manajemen

Academics Gathering, 28 September 2016

PPM Manajemen3
February 2017 — 254 views Acara PPM Pertemuan Akademis PPM Manajemen

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