85 Interpersonal Softskills

Silabus Pelatihan / Silabus

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1. 142 Interpersonal Softskills Personal Effectiveness 85 E I IDR 4.100.000 INTERPERSONAL SOFTSKILLS There is a saying, ‘people get hired for aptitude and get fired for attitude’ . Staff was recruited for intelligence, knowledge and expertise, but later on, staff was released due to attitude and behaviour. Many staff are released from their job, they are unable to show their job performance and hence, they had not have an opportunity to be promoted, due to lack of soft skills, especially their inability to interact and to cooperate with other Skill of interaction with others is a key success for staff, manager and individual professional at any industry. Individual that has acquired soft skills will be able to build trust, relation, cooperation, networking, negotiation and sell products/services and to create customer satisfaction. Soft skills are not only useful in job activities, but they support career and develop a quality personal relationship with others. Having attended this training, it is expected that the participants will be able to: Communication activities to build relationship and to broaden the networking. Develop and deliver presentation. Negotiate effectively. Develop selling skills. Problems To Be Addressed Objectives . . . . . . . . Subjects Covered Who Should Attend Ada pepatah ‘people get hired for aptitude and get fired for attitude’ . Karyawan direkrut karena kepintaran, pengetahuan dan keahlian namun dipecat karena sikap dan perilakunya . Banyak orang yang dikeluarkan dari pekerjaannya, sulit menunjukkan prestasi kerja dan tidak memperoleh kesempatan dipromosikan karena kurangnya soft skills, terutama ketidakmampuan untuk berinteraksi dan bekerjasama dengan orang lain. Keterampilan berinteraksi dengan orang lain menjadi kunci sukses bagi para karyawan, manajer dan profesion - al dalam bidang apapun. Individu yang memiliki keahlian soft skills akan mampu membangun kepercayaan, hubungan, bekerja sama, networking, bernegosiasi dan menjual produk/ jasa mereka serta menciptakan kepuasan pelanggan. Keterampilan soft skills bermanfaat bukan hanya dalam pekerjaan, namun juga untuk menunjang karir dan membangun hubungan pribadi yang berkualitas dengan orang lain. Berkomunikasi untuk membangun hubungan dan mengembangkan jejaring. Menyusun materi dan menyampaikan presentasi. Melakukan negosiasi yang efektif. Mengembangkan keterampilan menjual. Mampu berkomunikasi dan membangun hubungan dengan siapa saja yang dikehendaki. Mampu menyampaikan presentasi dengan percaya diri. Mampu memenangkan negosiasi. Mampu meningkatkan penjualan produk/ jasa. Communicate and build relation with anyone whom they choose to. Deliver presentation in self-confidence. Succeed in negotiation. Increase the sales of products/services. Menjawab Masalah Apa . . . . Apa Saja Yang Dibahas Siapa Yang Perlu Ikut Manfaat Apa Yang Anda Peroleh Setelah selesai mengikuti program ini, peserta diharapkan: . . . . . . Managers. Businessman/Business owners . Self-employed, independent professional. Staff who would like to optimize his/her own potential and to succeed when relates with others. . . . . Para manajer. Pengusaha. Profesional mandiri. Staf yang ingin mengoptimalkan potensi dirinya dan menang dalam berhubungan dengan orang lain. . . . .


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