Research Division of PPM Manajemen is a research provider which has a good reputation and an experienced one in Indonesia. It is different from other research institutions which only provide one field of research. PPM Manajemen’s Research Division offers a wider research service which covers Management Strategic, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and Operation. We guarantee the research result quality, method and design which are right on target, and which cover wider areas. We help you identify and understand the problems happen so that you can take the right management decisions. Our excellence in providing integrated solution as a follow-up process which is valid and reliable and which is supported by a right design and method, researcher teams that are reliable and also adequate supporting facilities. 

The services we offer are divided into two kinds:

1.     Customized Research

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2.      Industry Research                 

Through this research, companies can understand a particular industry. The research can cover general or specific things. This research cover:

a.       Market Potential Research

b.       Consumer Behavior Research

c.        Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey