Human resource competence in an organization has an important role. These days organizations/companies are facing several challenges and competitions which become tighter and they are forced to make products/services which are qualified and competitive in the market. Besides that, the competition problem in the relation to the development of human resource now has become a growing issue.

One of the methods of developing competence that is growing nowadays is the experiential method. The method that refers to Kolb theory, which says studying is a process, gained by combining grasping experience and transforming experience. Studying process is oriented in the kinds of activities.

Management Event Program Division offers modules with the experiential method which is aimed for improving the ability to lead an organization, to reach global standard by considering local wisdoms.

By lifting up experiences in every series of activities, an experiential learning program boosts participants to do their activities to think more, explore, question, make decisions and apply what they have learned.

The Event Management Program also provides seminar and conference organizing services by bringing up more issues and actual problems to support Indonesia development.

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