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PPM Manajemen has experienced for more than 40 years in studying field especially management through an In House Learning service which has helped many popular companies and organizations in developing their employees for executive levels or staff. More than 400 companies have become our clients, spread in all over Indonesia and consisted of various industries, private companies, state owned companies, or government companies, from small to big scale.

We use an action learning approach which is integrated, started from designing program which is in line with the organization’s vision and mission, the organization’s business targets and strategies, the organization’s duties and responsibilities and also the organization’s competence which will be built and developed. The program designing is made comprehensively, before, during and after the program is finished. The program itself consists of outdoor activities, in-class programs, and counseling for the implementation in the work place of the program participants. We provide comprehensive programs, and adjustable to the needs of each company or organization.

One of our primary programs is Management Development Program (MDP) which is particularly designed to prepare companies’ executives and staff, who will be placed in a certain position. This approach is done to give benefits for both parts, the candidate participants of the program and the company as the program planner. We expect that we become a catalyst for companies to achieve companies’ performance targets through their employees’ development.

With the support of our professional permanent staff, associate staff, and guest speakers, we ensure that companies/organization will get benefits from:

  1. The employees chosen, both for executives and staff, who are ready to contribute to the organization’s performance.

  2. Understanding about the targets of the programs.

  3. The expertise and all human resources used in doing the program.

  4. The time to run the program depends on the time availability of the company and the candidate participants of the program.

The participants of the program can get benefits from:

  1. The program design suits with the participants’ competences so that they can improve their performances

  2. The customized methods, which follow the companies’ needs. 

  3. The implementation professional counseling and facilitating at the work place.  

  4. The program refers to the time availability of the program’s candidates. 

Our experience has been proven through studying programs held at many state owned and private companies both big and small scale. We also have been proven for holding studying programs which are ranked, aimed for top positions, middle positions, and staff, with the locations in all over Indonesia. PPM In House Training supports ethics and integrities highly in doing all programs. We respect the interests and confidentialities of the companies and the participants. All information about the companies/organizations which use our services will be kept confidential.