About Organization Development Services

For years, PPM Manajemen has become a partner for managers and candidate managers, in sharing the knowledge of management studies and practices. As a market oriented organization, which is responsible and has a clear mission, PPM Manajemen keeps trying to be the pioneer institution in management through researches about management practices in Indonesia. PPM Manajemen reaches its dreams by promoting productivity and humanity in business and management. PPM improves management competence through a non-stop studying that makes PPM able to provide high quality services for our own company and other organizations.

One of PPM Manajemen contributions in providing the best services for management development in Indonesia is through Organization Development Services or more popular with PPM Consulting. Under PT Binaman Utama, we offer integrated solutions for developing companies through management consultation services, recruitment selection and assessment, researches and continuing studies in a form of an In House Training, following the needs of the companies. We provide the best services with the support of PPM professional staff for the management solution for companies, with steps that integrate the company’s performance, business direction, and effective directorship, including the implementation of international standard of Good Corporate Governance.