The Philosophy of Way of Leaves 

PPM commitment and focus on the Progress of Science and Practice Management Indonesia.

A living tree is not only being there as a standing figure. A living tree will always grow new leaves. When a tree grows with leaves that become shady, a new prespective will appear on the horizon. The growing tree will make changes, renewals, and enrichments on the environment. 

So it is the same for an organization. A developing organization must be able to grow new leaves in a kind of new businesses, new ways of managing. A new company which is always developing requires a visionary attitude.  

As an institution that grows and develops, PPM tree also keeps doing its revitalization in order to become a responsive world-class organization, but still holds national values and virtues tightly. Only by that way, can PPM continue accompanying its partners stepping on the growing leaf path and keep developing to be an organization and an economic agent which has its values and dignity, because living is not only being present.


“Taking part in community development efforts towards achieving a just and prosperous Indonesia through the development and practice of management based on science and socio-cultural values imbued noble Pancasila”.


PPM Vision is to be a superior and well known management institution in Southeast Asia.


This vision can be reached by:

  • Providing the latest management services, becoming an applied oriented institution and being relevant.

  • Doing a renewal again and again by paying attention on the market needs.

  • Highly honoring and developing professionalism.

  • Doing and spreading social responsibilities.

  • Developing wide national and international networks.