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It was started from an Idea

In 1966, supported by students, Indonesia government did some improvement, in politics, economics, social and culture, and of course defense and security as well. At the same time in Europe and America, moral movement was growing. One organization which promoted the idea of the movement was Moral Re-armament. One of its figures was FG. Hendricks, from the Netherlands, he visited Indonesia to study students’ activities in 1966.

At the same time, Dr. A.M. Kadarman SJ, who at that time was still the Head of Economics of IKIP Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta, was visiting Europe. When he returned to Indonesia, he had an idea to build a business school like Harvard Business School in Indonesia. With Mr. F. Diepen, the Fokker director (an aircraft company) as a mediator, Dr. Kadarman met Mr. FG Hendrick in the Netherlands. Both agreed to put the ideas together and tried to make that business school in Indonesia come into reality.

Dr. Kadarman and FG. Hendrick tried to meet some business persons, including a business person from DAF car factory, and some officers of International Technique Cooperation Directorate of the Netherlands Foreign Affair Department, to smoothen the idea. In principle, those business persons, together with the Netherlands government agreed to give some subsidies with a condition, that Indonesia had to provide a representative body to run the idea.

On the other hand, political situation in Indonesia, although it began to be stable, it was still insecure and it was facing the sectarian conflict which at that time was still worrisome, so the institution which was going to be built had to push down the insecurity and conflict, which might come out.

The Establishment of Yayasan Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen

On July 03, 1967 , taking place in a house belonged to a business person named C. Soebianto, on Jalan Wijaya I/41 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, a meeting to build the foundation was held. Mr. C. Soebianto also provided an office on Jalan Melawai Raya 16 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta to support the early establishment acitivities.

One of the meeting agendas was to ask the readiness of three figures:

Prof. Dr. Bahder Djohan, representing Moslems, Dr. AM. Tambunan, representing Protestants and IJ. Kasimo, representing Chatolics, to act as the founders of Yayasan Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen in front of the notary. The reason was that the three were famous and steadfast in the struggle and dedication to the Republic of Indonesia.

Later, figures from Buddhists and Hindus also joined the foundation’s management, so it strengthened Yayasan Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen which highly honored togetherness and diversity.

After Yayasan Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen was established in front of the notary with various religions support inside, (it included in the foundation’s management), thus, the foundation became stronger. It was said that the purpose of this foundation was to develop management in Indonesia based on Pancasila. It was a management system that cared all parties’ interests-- they were the capital owners, employees, consumers, public, and the government. Foundation strickly rejected capitalist management which concerned only about profit, and also rejected communist management which sacrificed human personality for the sake of groups’ interests.


Move to Menteng

Ketua Badan Pengurus Yayasan Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen waktu itu Letjen (Purn.) TNI AD Dr. TB. Simatupang dan Duta Besar Belanda Mr. Hugo Scheltema pada 9 September 1969 menandatangani Cofinancing Agreement, selanjutnya Pemerintah Belanda menunjuk Nederlandse Organisatie voor Inter­nationale Samenwerking di Den Haag sebagai pelaksana untuk mendapatkan dana pengadaan Gedung Bina Manajemen (waktu itu namanya Bina Management). Sedangkan kekurangan dananya disediakan oleh pihak Misereor, badan bantuan yang dibentuk oleh para Uskup di Jer­man, serta pinjaman jangka panjang dengan bunga ringan dari Ecumenical Church Loan Fund (ECLOF), bagian dari The World Council of Churches yang berkedudukan di Jenewa, Swiss.    

On June 1, 1972 all activities of LPPM took place in Gedung Bina Manajemen on Jalan Menteng Raya no.9 Central Jakarta.


PPM Revitalization 

In early 2000, welcomed the 21st century, PPM introducing a new logo reflects the new dynamics. With a new logo that adds the word 'management', PPM would like to emphasize the commitment and focus of PPM to the progress of science and management practices in Indonesia. While the symbol 'comet' describes the attitude PPM visionary who constantly stare ahead and be ready to adjust to the change.

Sebagai bentuk penyesuaian terhadap berbagai perubahan, saat ini PPM Manajemen meneguhkan posisinya sebagai penyedia jasa layanan yang terintegrasi dalam membantu perusahaan bertransformasi atau .Integrated Management Solutions for Organization Transformation. Melalui jasa layanan terintegrasi yang dimiliki, PPM Manajemen berkomitmen dalam mendampingi mitra strategisnya untuk tumbuh dan berkembang menjadi organisasi yang inovatif, bernilai tinggi dan berkelanjutan.  

Surely this revitalization will not stop at one point, but this revitalization will continue to run for the realization of the ideals of PPM Manajemen become a world-class organization.