Research Center

Business practitioners in Indonesia use various management tools (theories, models, or management tools) in an effort to resolve the problems in their organization. Management tools that are used are generally obtained through the adoption of knowledge from foreign sources. The scientific adoption also tends to be done without going through the process of validation and adaptation to suit the context of business and management in Indonesia. The consequences of this adoption generate opportunities for massive failures in applying the theory, models and management tools into business practices in Indonesia.

PPM Manajemen with all the resources in the field of education and training management intend to bridge this huge gap. PPM Manajemen Research Center was established to become a research center with the main task to:

a) Ensuring PPM Manajemen in particular and management practices in Indonesia get the latest updates in management science

b) Do some research to validate management tools adopted

c) Conduct research to build a management model with the peculiarities of local context that can be applied optimally in the context of business in Indonesia

d) Develop a community of scholars, researchers and practitioners of management related to their expertise

The research result of cutting-edge management tools will be the main reference for product development and quality assurance of services of PPM Manajemen.

PPM Manajemen Research Center covers services as follow:

a.   CIC (Center for Innovation and Collaboration)

b.   CHCD (Center for Human Capital Development)

c.    MCCS (Management Center for Corporate Sustainability)

Two of the study centers (CIC and CHCD) have had its community which comes from practitioners and academics from various industries and various levels. Each year, PPM Manajemen Research Center through the CIC in COIN Forum (Collaboration and Innovation Forum) share research findings in innovation and collaboration. CHCD held HCNC (Human Capital National Conference) every year, in the form of a national conference to discuss the results of research, scientific development and the current practice of human capital in Indonesia. CHCD also have a regular forum, namely HC Forum (Human Capital Forum) held four times a year in several major cities in Indonesia. HC Forum is a sharing and discussion forum about the management tools for human capital practitioners. Community and research forum from PPM Manajemen Research Center (i.e HCNC, HC Forum and COIN Forum) has become an event that always awaited each year by practitioners and academics in Indonesia.