PPM Manajemen Surabaya was established in August 2004. The Directors and Management in this case, Directorate of Regional Development of PPM Manajemen, at that time led by Mr. Setiadi Djohar, had to develop and widen the market of PPM Manajemen to some big cities, in the east such as Surabaya and in Java such as Surabaya.

In December 2014, PPM Manajemen Surabaya was led by a manager/a representative head (Ms. Risma) who still holds the position until now.

PPM Manajemen in Makassar was very helpful for the companies which had used the services of PPM Manajemen.


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The services of PPM Manajemen are:

1. Public training               

2. In-house Learning

3. HR Assessmen

4. Management consultant

5. Management Research

6. E-learning

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PPM Manajemen Surabaya Office 
Gedung Graha Pena Lt. 7 Ruang 705
Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 88 Gayungan, Surabaya 60234 – Jawa Timur
Telp. +62 31 820 2003       I      Fax. +62 31 829 8924
Mobile Marketing: 0856 4853 2509 atau 0817 391 265 

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Representative Head of PPM Manajemen Surabaya
Rizma Amalina