Since 1972, PPM Manajemen has experienced in organizing Executive Development Program for various managerial and functional aspects of management. Supported by experienced professional staffs and experts, PPM manajemen is always ready to provide training to participants.

In order to optimize the training results, the Executive Development Program refers to the five components:

First, supporting from experienced professional staff. PPM Manajemen is supported by more than ninety professional staffs with educational S2 and S3 in the field of management. The involvement of the professional staffs in a variety of research, consulting, and training make our professional staff experts in the field.

Second is competent practitioners. The competent practitioners will share practical experiences related to the training topics. Practitioners will complement management knowledge delivered by professional staff of PPM Manajemen.

Third is method of participation. In any implementation of training, professional staff of PPM Manajemen using participatory methods that always involves participants to be active in various activities such as classroom discussions, sharing experiences, games or role play that was designed in line with the purpose of training.

Fourth is material or Training Module. PPM Manajemen is always updating the material or training modules in accordance with the development of science Management, to be applied in the organizations participating in the program.

And, the last is training facility. To support the training process, PPM Manajemen always considers comfortable atmosphere for trainees. PPM Manajamen provides comfortable classrooms, computer labs, free internet access, PPM Knowledge Center, and other amenities.

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PPM Manajemen has experienced for more than 40 years in studying field, especially in management field through in-house learning services which have helped many porganizations develop their employees both for executive level and staff level. More than 400 companies have become our clients, spread all over Indonesia and they consist of private companies, state owned companies, and government institutions starting from small scale to big one.

PPM Manajemen uses an integrated action learning approach, starting from designing programs which are in line with the organization’s mission, vision, targets, business strategies, duties, responsibilities and competence which will be improved and developed. Programs are designed comprehensively, before and after the program is done. The program consists of out-door activities, in-class program and impelementation guidance in the workplace of the program participants. PPM Manajemen provides comprehensive program and it is adjustable to the studying needs in each company or organization.

One of our primary programs is Management Development Program (MDP) which is specially designed to prepare executives and staff of a company, to sit on a certain position. We do this approach in order to give benefits for both parts, the candidate participants of the program and the company as our program user. We expect that we can be a catalyst for companies to reach their target performance through their employees’ development.

Our experience has been proven through a number of programs which were executed in many state owned companies and private companies in middle and big scales. We have been proven in doing tiered studying programs, aimed for top executive position, middle position and staff position, which take place all over Indonesia. PPM Manajemen In-House Learning honors ethics and integrity in running out all programs. We respect interests and confidentiality of companies/organizations which use the services, and interests of participants of the programs. All information about the organizations/companies using our services is confidential.