Since 1973, PPM Manajemen provides consulting services for companies in Indonesia. In the process, PPM Manajemen uses consultancy approach which emphasizes the process (process consulting). PPM Manajemen ensures the transfer of knowledge from consultants to the organizations throughout the implementation of activities related to consultation.

PPM Manajemen offers:

a. Organizational Transformation

b. Strategic Planning

c. Business Planning

d. Preparation of Organizational Structure

e. Preparation of Strategy and HR Systems

f. Preparation of Strategy and Marketing System

g. Preparation of Strategy and Organization System

h. Strategy and Financial System

i. Business Process Reengineering

j. Work Load Analysis

k. Risk Management

PPM Manajemen Research Division is a research provider which has a well known reputation and experience in Indoenesia. We are different from other research bodies/institutions that only offer one research field. PPM Manajemen Research Division offers research services which are wider that cover Strategic Management, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and Operation.

PPM Manajemen guarantee the research result quality, method and research design are appropriate and applicable, also cover a wider area. PPM Manajemen helps you to identify and to understand the problems, so that you can make a right management decision. PPM Manajemen Research Division provides integrated solution services as a follow-up processes which are valid and reliable, also supported by proper research designs and methods, reliable research teams and adequate supporting facilities.

Jasa yang kami tawarkan terbagi menjadi dua jenis  :

a. Riset Pesanan (Customized Research)

b. Industry Research

PPM Manajemen research products include:

  1. Market Potential Research

  2. Consumer Behavior Research

  3. Customer Satisfaction Survey

  4. Employee Engagement Survey

  5. Audit Management

  6. HR Audit

  7. Culture Audit

  8. Marketing Audit

  9. Risk Maturity Level Audit