PPM Knowledge Center

PPM Library stands at the beginning of the PPM establishment in 1968. The role of the library transformed into Resource Center (Pusin PPM) in 2000. The role of Pusin PPM is to support the activities of PPM Management in carrying out educational activities, training and management consultancy.

In 1974 the library service was opened to the general public, is still limited to the service read in places. In line with the growing needs of the public to information and management of business, the demand for library provides book lending services also increased.

Starting in 1976 the library opened membership and book lending service to the people of Jakarta and surrounding areas (Jabodetabek).

Since April 2011 PPM Library was renamed the Tanoto Library, and since then it became part of Resource Center (Pusin PPM). Tanoto Library provides a variety of resources of management and business and related topics such as economics and industrial psychology. Beginning in 2016, Pusin PPM renamed PPM Knowledge Center.

Facilities and Services                 


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Book Catalog 


Applies to students, employees, entrepreneurs and Alumni STM-PPM.

Membership Card                 

Each member who signed up with the Annual plan will receive a PPM Platinum membership card and comes with a lot of benefits. In order to avoid misuse of the card, please do not loan the membership card to others.

Requirements and Fees


- Copy of identity KTP / SIM / Passport (Jabodetabek) which still valid.

- Submit one sheet of color photographs size 3 × 4 (can be digital)

- Fill out the membership form

- Pay-per-person fee (*):

• Annual Plan (12 Months) Rp. 800,000.-

• Monthly Package (monthly) Rp. 125,000.-

• Daily Package (read-place) Rp. 50,000.-


Annual membership: A maximum of 2 books for two weeks.

Monthly membership: A maximum of 2 books for two weeks.

Daily Membership: Just read place

Loan Period                 

Annual membership book lending period can be extended up to a maximum of two times when the book was not booked by other members.

 - First Extension 14 days

 - Second Extension 7 days

Monthly Membership loan period can not be extended after the two-week loan period.

Renewal can be done by mail, e-mail:  pustaka@ppm-manajemen.ac.id 

or phone 021- 230 0313  (line: 2442/2444)


Fines imposed when members late extend or return the book on the specified date.

Fines imposed by:

• Rp. 500, - per book / day, for books with a loan period of 14 days. (GENERAL)

• Rp. 1.000, - per book / day, for books with a loan period of 3 days (SHORTLOAN)

• Members are required to replace any missing books to the new book of the same or with as much money as the price of the book at a bookstore in Jakarta.

• Members are not allowed to enter if bringing food and drinks to avoid damage to the collection of PPM Management Resource Center.


    Members are required to entrust bag except laptop, stationery and other valuables in the locker by entrusting the identity cards to borrow the locker key in Circulation Management Resource Center PPM.

    Photocopy and Print Out Information                 

    Copy service available with the following conditions:

    Members fill photocopy and include them in your library materials to be photocopied.

    Photocopy fees for:

    Books / magazines / prospectus  Rp.   250, - per sheet

    Industry data                                Rp. 1.000, - per sheet

    PPM Management Information Resource Centre provides facilities for the collection of certain print out with the following provisions:

    Members operate its own search facilities provided such as Online Journal, Kompas Online, Email / Internet. Description how to operate the hardware can be seen in the short instructions contained or seek guidance from the staff Pusin.

    Print fee (non-color)                     Rp. 1000, - per sheet