Integrated Management Solutions for Organization Transformation

Since 1967, PPM Manajemen has become a partner for organizations both governmental organizations, state enterprises, private or non-profit organizations to share experiences in the field of learning theory and practice of management. Not only that, PPM Manajemen has become a partner for managers and aspiring managers in their efforts to develop a skill or competence in the field of management science.

PPM Manajemen continues to strive relentlessly to become a pioneer in the field of management through shared research that could be used as best practices for PPM’s partners. This is in line with the vision and mission to continue and to provide high quality services for PPM’s partners.

As an institution that continues to grow and evolve, PPM Manajemen continues to undergo revitalization in order to be responsive to a world-class organization, but still adhere to the values and national virtue. Only in that way, PPM Manajemen will continue to assist its partners to grow and develop into innovative, valuable and sustainable organizations.

In conducting its business, PPM Management offers integrated services which include:

In addition, PPM Manajemen also provides supporting facilities in managing its business to keep providing high quality services to PPM’s clients, such as: