One method that is suitable for the development of learning process for adult is experiential learning program. Learning method developed by Kolb's emphasizes on learning through experience, or more specifically defined as learning through reflection on doing.

Participants will perform the activities that have been designed in accordance with the objectives of the program, and then do the reflection and observation, and conceptualization that would be obtained learning destination. By raising the concept of experience in each of the series of activities, experiential learning program encourage the participants to perform an activity to think, explore, ask questions, make decisions, and implementing decisions with reference to the concept being studied. To achieve effective results, the program is organized by a combination of in-class and outdoor at a predefined location.


Program yang tersedia   :

·          To Be A Great Supervisor 

·          To Be A Powerful Communicator

·          Leadership Adventure

·          Managing Team Development   

·          Business Service Excellence 

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