Like an executive lounge, PPM Manajemen’s executive lounge gives more than just an exclusive waiting room, it can also be used for relaxing or a brief stop before we continue our activities.

The room is located beside the lobby of Bina Manajemen A building, it is used for an executive meeting point. With its open concept, it makes you free to see the green grass of Tugu Tani surrounding. The piano sound, cozy sofas and various kinds of drinks and snacks “all you can eat” are enjoyable while accompanying you discussing about management issues and other hot issues. Many kinds of available facilities make you forget that you are in a training and education institution.


- Free Parking

- Free Wifi

- Charging Facilities 

- Magazines

- Snacks

- Drinks

- Piano

- Private Rooms

- Business Facilities

Event packages for weekends and weekdays for minimum 20 pax.

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Customer Relation:

Executive Lounge

Jl. Menteng Raya No.9 Jakarta Pusat 10340

Phone. 021 23000313 ext.1903


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