Scholarship Policy                 

Setelah Yayasan PPM resmi berdiri pada 3 Juli 1967, maka selanjutnya dibetuklah Panitia Pelaksana yang bertugas untuk membangun Perguruan Tinggi Manajemen (PTM). Dengan upaya yang luar biasa akhirnya Panitia Pelaksana berhasil mengumpulkan dana sebesar 18 ,5 juta rupiah yang dikumpulkan dari para donatur dan lembaga donor dalam dan luar negeri.

One of the donors was Institute fur Internationale Solideriteit der Konrad Addenauer Stifftung, which became a regular donor until 1975. To run its operations which covered studying and providing dormitories for the students, PTM used an old building ex Regina Pacis School which was located on Jalan Budi Kemuliaan 2 Central Jakarta.

On 19 February 1968 PTM was officially established with Dr. Kadarman, SJ., as the first rector. At that time, most of the lecturers were part timers and honorary lecturers. The first year was not an easy one for PTM to get through. The best graduate bachelors usually could get jobs soon after their graduation and they were reluctant to continue their studies. That was why PTM not only freed students from their tuition fee but also gave students their pocket money during their studies.

This was the beginning of CSR program of PPM Manajemen which was put into a form of scholarship which was initiated by PPM Manajemen which at that time was still under the name of Perguruan Tinggi Manajemen (PTM).

As time goes by, many PTM’s alumni were qualified so that there were many companies and also state owned companies were interested in recruiting them. Therefore, this was the beginning of the new stage of PTM’s scholarship program whose studying expense was paid by the companies which have intention to employ PTM’s graduates. History has proven that business industry participation in the education process has been done since long and CSR of PPM School of Management has done much effort in order to maintain this cooperation and keep it continue.  

There is also another scholarship-- Staff Scholarship. The alumni had to possess a good management ability. They were recruited directly by PPM School of Management. Next, they would involve in PPM as faculty core, trainer core as well as consultant core.

Until this time PPM School of Management still offers a scholarship under the name of Prof. Dr. A.M. Kadarman. This name was taken as an appreciation for Prof. Dr. A.M. Kadarman’s services who had developed management in Indonesia. This scholarship is given by PPM School of Management as its concern for the society, for those who could not afford studying but they have proud-able academic potency.

Recently, the emphasizing on the condition of underprivileged students is not much put into priority, but on the other hand PPM School of Management more focuses on the academic ability of the candidates of scholarship recipients.

The method of payment of the scholarship is related to the kinds of the scholarship given. Therefore, the payment method of the scholarship can be clarified as the following:

Full Scholarship is fully funded by PPM School of Management.

The scholarship given by companies, it bears all cost of students education during their study at PPM School of Management. However; after they graduate, the students have a commitment to work at the company which has funded

Other CSR Activities                 


As the pioneer of management institution in Indonesia, with the age of 47 years, PPM Manajemen is always consistent to fulfill the dream of its founders; to spread management knowledge to all over Indonesia, to produce the agents of change who are always be the front guards to make a better Indonesia.

In line with that, PPM Manajemen developed PT Pustaka Binaman Pressindo (PBP) whose daily activity is to publish various kinds of management books and other applied business books. PPM Manajemen believes that a book is still an effective studying media among a lot of technology information alternatives.

It was the Spreading Management Book Action 2014 which was initiated by PPM Manajemen to donate books that we had published to various schools all over Indonesia. Spreading Management Book Action 2014 was another form of concern of PPM Manajemen for Indonesia.

The books had to be delivered safely and right on target, of course this could only be realized with the funding from some donors. The funding was used for logistics expenses. For that reason PPM Manajemen intended to ask company partners to participate in sending the books we had prepared to all over Indonesia.