PPM Management has experienced for more than 40 years in recruitment and selection by helping more than 100 companies and organizations; government institutions, state owned companies, even popular private companies in fulfilling the needs of employees in managerial levels and professional staff. We use an integrated approach to get to know the candidates more, to select those who have personal values, talents, competences, and experience background that suit with the characters of a certain position or profession. This approach aims for each recruitment and selection process held, to be beneficial for both sides; the candidates and the companies or organizations that open the work opportunities.

With our professional supports, we ensure that:

Companies/organization will get benefits from:

  • The expertise and human resource that we provide from the recruitment and selection.

  • The recruitment and selection decision which is objective, accountable and independent.

  • An optimal time in doing the recruitment and selection.

  • The employees’ availability with a competence level and characters fitted for companies/organizations needs.  

Candidates will get benefits from:

  • The recruitment and selection method which is able to represent personal values, talents, competences and an accurate experience record of the candidates so companies/organizations can recognize the candidates’ strengths.

  • Professional approach in handling each document and candidate selection result  

  • Supportive interaction between recruitment team and candidates, so it helps candidates undergo each step of the selection.

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Our experiences have been proven through a number of big scale recruitment and selection projects with a big number of applicants that reach more than 500.000. We also have experiences in recruiting candidates from various levels and fields of study to fill positions as staff, managers, and top management. 

Besides recruitment and selection services, PPM Management also provides human resource assessment services to help companies/organizations map their human resource based on a suitable competence. This competence mapping uses various newest assessment devices which are valid and reliable. We are one of six assessment centre service providers which are chosen by State Owned Company Ministry to do the assessment process for candidate directors of all State Owned Companies all over Indonesia. PPM Management highly appreciates ethics and integrity in running the whole programs. We respect both companies/organizations’ interests and candidates’ interests. All information about the companies/organizations which use our services and all things related to the candidates’ identities are confidential.  

Recruitment, selection and assessment activities done by PPM Management have been supported by sophisticated devices and facilities so that we can reach all areas in Indonesia. We also have separated portal; it is  www.ppm-rekrutmen.com as a means of communication for recruitment and selection program for companies/organizations that use PPM Human Resource Assessment Program. In this website you can see job advertisements from many companies, register, or read the result of each selection you participate in.

PPM Manajemen offers HR Assessment Products:

a. Recruitment and Selection

b. Competency Assessment

c. Management Skills Assessment

d. Counseling


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