Sustainable Improvement

In order to grow and sustainable, the organization at any time need to have the courage to always turn towards the better condition. Improvement, that's the right word. Organizations that do not dare to make improvement, we all know, just waiting for the death knell.

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We all often see and hear the news that many companies are experiencing the ups and downs and eventually shut down. It is not in spite of their inability to withstand both internal and external conditions facing.

Today, PPM Manajemen was not alone in serving the education market management. Many competitors have sprung up. Like a young child, they are more agile and move faster than us. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the performance and competitiveness in the form of implementing Management Improvement, namely i4PPM.

Improvement can be made starting from the internal unit which will further work for the improvement of external impact, such as to: Customer; Work partners; Partner; Third Party and others. Then, the question that often arises is: "Is it for me?", "Is there any benefit in the continuity of my career?"

To answer these questions, there are some tips that might be applied in making improvement, among others:

  • Use Simple Language (General)

Explain to friends/other employees the importance of improvement program (i4PPM) with simple language and real examples.

  • Relate data and facts.

Talk with data. Show the results of improvement in numbers. Use the previous data records to reveal their problems and deliver solutions or improvements.

  • Indicate Fortunately for Use

By doing improvement, the main objective is to facilitate the work and not to add the problem. In addition to improving performance, improvement also means efficiency or reducing costs, which ultimately is to increase the SHU. The bigger of SHU, the bigger of IPI will be received by employees.

Improvement is not just repair (curative), but tend to focus on a defect, error or discrepancy that makes the gap that must be corrected to meet a specific requirement or norm that does not cause problems.

More precisely improvement is defined as "increment”. Which means it can be implemented on something that could have been better (no problem), because basically the increase made in order to produce something better. Thus the concept of the increase concentrated on potential and not on the problem. Increasing measures relatively has no limit (unlimited). Hence improvement is a continuous process (continuous improvement).

Written by: L. Hardi PranotoHuman Capital Director PPM Manajemen