Answering Challenges of Publishing World

The concept of publishing in the past is now irrelevant. Fifteen years ago, publishers of books, magazines, and newspapers, just write, print and distribute. However, the pattern is no longer effective for publishers to perform its function as a disseminator of knowledge and information.

The birth of the Internet technology allows people to access information and knowledge instantaneously, virtually anywhere and at anytime. Information and knowledge in the printed format is very slow to reach readers.

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Internet technology offers not only speed, but also the diversity of choice for the audience. Through the Internet, the audience can get information and knowledge not only in text format, but also audio and video, as well as the combination of all three. Reading is now can be a pleasant experience.

Another aspect to note from the development of the publishing industry is the convergence of venturing into other areas to support the distribution of content. Fiction book publishers, create the content of the novel or short story into a film. In the mean time publishers of scientific books are expanding their reach with the opening of training, courses, or seminars. Then, what about magazine? Magazine publishers are “working hard” to engage their loyal readers in various forms of community.

Established in 1975, the PPM Publisher under PT Pustaka Binaman Pressindo, is a pioneer in publishing and business management. PPM Publisher brings to market two products namely management books and “Manajemen” magazine. The mission is to disseminate knowledge and management practices to all Indonesian people. The mission keep going until now.

The question now, to what extent PPM Publisher will be developed in the midst of changing the publishing industry? As Charles Darwin, living creatures can not fight the change, which can be done is to adjust. The most logical pathway that needs to be taken is to bring the PPM Publisher enter into the digital publishing industry.

As a digital publisher, PPM Publisher is not just develop a printed form but also in the form of electronic books and digital books. Currently, electronic books have been distributed through a network of electronic bookstore. PPM Publisher also has its own digital bookstore namely PPM Digital. In its development, digital content is developed and stored in a sort of digital libraries. Customers can access the content by subscription.

To expand the reach of the deployment of the entire book, PPM Publisher also provides training and courses based on the book. It is expected that readers can deepen the content to be applied at each workplace. Thus, the book is not as a mere reading material, but also serves as a practical guide to work.

In addition to training courses, PPM Publisher also organizes seminars based on a book or article from the “Manajemen” magazine. The aim of the course is to accommodate the practical books, while seminar is to accommodate the books contain cutting-edge ideas and concepts or actual. The seminar is expected to be a platform for readers of books or magazines to share insights on new management concepts.

To accommodate the needs of customers who require fast access, PPM Publisher will develop webinar. With a webinar program, those who want to attend courses or seminars do not need to leave the workplace. By using the gadget, they can follow it from the workplace or a place chosen.

Written by: RamelanDirector of Pustaka Binaman Pressindo, PPM Manajemen